Residential Transactions

We manage your settlement from start to finish whether it be a house, vacant land, strata titled or investment property.


Commercial Transactions

When buying or selling commercial property to operate your business from, we will manage the transaction with ease.  We understand the differences in commercial transactions from residential, including GST and leases.


Private Sale

We prepare your Offer and Acceptance Contract in the absence of a licensed Real Estate Agent.


Related Party Transactions

If you are selling or buying a property to/from a family member or adding a spouse/partner to your Title, we will manage the entire transaction.


First Home Buyer Transactions

We provide First Home Buyers with additional guidance and clear communication.  We understand it can be daunting purchasing your first home and we are here to help every step of the way.


Changing your Name

If you marry, divorce, change your name by deed poll or revert back to your maiden name, we assist in the process of changing these details on your Certificate of Title.


Deceased Estates

We prepare the necessary documentation to change your Certificate of Title in the event your loved one has passed away either by way of a Survivorship Application (if you are joint tenants) or an Application by Personal Representative (as directed by their Will).


Subdivisions or Amalgamations

We liaise with your Surveyor and Bank to facilitate issuance of new Certificates of Title registered at Landgate.


Separation and/or Divorce Transactions

We prepare the necessary documentation to enable your Certificate of Title to change, pursuant to a Family Court Order. This process also encompasses liaising with your bank.